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Text Neck

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23 October 2023

Text Neck is now a very common neck complaint caused by the amount of time we spend looking at screens. 


Most people's daily screen time has hugely increased and it is easy to become engrossed at staring at a screen with no awareness of our posture or of how much time is passing.

The posture typically associated with Text Neck can cause back and neck pain ranging from aches, tightness and strain to muscle spasms and severe, sharp pains.  


If we spend many hours each day sitting (or standing) in the same, unnatural position with the head bent or poking forward, a few minutes or hours of movement or exercise will still not rectify or prevent Text Neck.

Whenever possible, the screen on our devices should be at eye level to help maintain good posture and prevent us bending the head down or extending the head and chin forwards towards the screen.

Regular breaks from screen time are important and if we are sitting looking at a screen for extended periods it is important that our desk and chair are set up at the right height and at a position which enables the back and neck to be in correct alignment. 


When you take a break from the screen it is helpful to move around and perhaps do some simple stretches for your neck, shoulders and upper back. 

Being conscious of aiming for the correct posture for your neck, head and back will help prevent the problem and this is something Pilates can help us learn: as we practice correct alignment in class, we can then carry that awareness into our daily lives. 


Strengthening and stretching your body can help reduce any tightness and Pilates also strengthens the muscles which enable us to naturally function in correct alignment, including strong core muscles to help support the spine and a strong and flexible neck and muscles in the upper back to help prevent Text Neck.


Glenn Withers interviews Jonathan

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14 June 2023

We are ULTRA delighted that the lovely and incredible Glenn Withers, co-founder of the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) chose to interview Jonathan for the latest APPI Pilates 101 Podcast 💙

Listen and watch here: 

Pilates 101 Podcast #31 - The History of Joseph Pilates - YouTube

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